Body hair transplant trend Pakistan

Body hair transplant recent trend in Pakistan

Body hair transplant is performed in Pakistan for hair restoration in the head. Body hairs are extracted through follicular unit extraction technique. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced and Board certified top hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan, started BHT procedure many years earlier. Fue technique did not leave any linear scar in the donor area so it became a reality to extract hair from beard, chest, abdomen, back and arms. The character and texture of body hair did not match to scalp hair so these hairs are best option for mid scalp and crown area.  Body hair extraction needs expertise and skill of surgeon, time consuming and less donor hairs are extracted per day. BHT or body hair transplant clinic in Pakistan producing and showing good results for advance level of baldness. This technique may be used alone or combined with scalp hair for maximum coverage.  Body hair extraction need tiny or micro punches so that there would be less chances of scar formation. We can use these hair in scar correction or repair of previous strip surgeries, scarring alopecia and improvement of frontal hairline. It is a new hope for those patients who have limited donor area or advance level of baldness like Norwood class 6 or 7. Scalp donor area should be first priority and after scalp, beard hairs are good in quality.  If you are looking for body hair use for scalp or head then consult Cosmoderma body hair transplant clinic in Pakistan for optimum results.

Body hair transplant in Pakistan