Crown-Vertex Hair Transplant

Hair transplant crown or Vertex Area :

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a leading surgeon performing Fue hair transplant in the vertex or crown area of scalp.  It is also called highest point in the scalp and there is double spiral pattern or whorl like pattern in this area and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry always follow this natural pattern so that transplanted hair look in a natural orientation.  Hair transplant is not a procedure in which surgeon generate new hair with the help of surgery but in this procedure surgeon take out the hair follicles from the back of the head and place them in the bald area. This process takes at least 4 to 6 hours to be done. The surgeon use needles to make small holes so that they can fix the hair follicles on the recipient area that is also known as bald area of the head. Mostly people have baldness area in the crown of the head. The middle baldness area is also known as crown of the head.  The surgeon fixes hair follicles in the crown of head.

Vertex-crown-hair transplant in Pakistan

What is mean by crown of the head?

The crown of the head is the area of the head which is without hair or bald. Commonly crown of the head is seen on men. According to the surgeon, the crown of head is bald in men as compare to women because men hair pattern is different from the women hair pattern.  The procedure to treat crown of the head is same as to treat other baldness area around the head. Let’s discuss how surgeon will treat your crown of head through hair transplantation procedure.

Treatment of crown of head through hair transplantation procedure:

It is important to know orientation of hair in the crown area and how these will look like after getting hair transplant in crown or vertex area. As we discuss that the crown of head is the top baldness area of your head. Therefore, it means that you have hair on the back of the head. So,

  • Surgeon first of all, takes hair follicles from the back of the head.
  • Then, the surgeon creates small holes with the help of needle in the crown of head.
  • Now, the surgeon will place those hair follicles on the crown of the head.
  • Before, implanting hair follicles in your bald area, surgeon will use some injections to make your bald area numb so that you will not feel any pain.
  • It may be possible after one session of hair restoration you didn’t get enough density so you may go for second after few months.
  • Transplanted hair will start falling within two or three months after the hair restoration procedure.
  • But, for the growth of new hair you have to wait for at least one year.
Advantages of having crown head hair restoration :

AS you know that baldness area have no advantages but if you have crown of the head then it means you are not completely bald. You have only middle of the head bald while other areas contain hair. So it is the big advantage for you. The advantage is that you can get rid of crown baldness through hair restoration procedure easily. Getting hair transplant in the crown or vertex area from an experienced surgeon ( Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry) should be your priority as he would consider all minor detail or natural pattern while performing procedure.