Female hair transplant

Female hair transplant in Pakistan is somewhat a complex phenomenon because unlike men, their hair becomes thinner day by day diffusely instead of falling from a specific site. The donor area is present on the back of the head and in women’s hair loss is more from the back so if a graft is taken from the unstable area there are more chances of falling down of hair. One more thing to consider is that their hairline remains the same and hair doesn’t fall from that area so basically, they don’t need a surgical procedure so badly. Their hair loss is because of age-related changes and some diseases.

In which conditions hair restoration surgery is needed? There are so many conditions that exist and need to improve and one of them is androgenic alopecia. In this condition, dihydroxy testosterone weakens the hair follicles, and hair starts falling off. To regain the hair strength hair implant becomes the necessity. Other conditions are; burning or scarring of the skin resulting in loss of hair, females with androgenic alopecia, hair loss due to any traumatic condition, or plantation of hair at the site of the surgery or incision.

Female hair transplant in Pakistan is not an issue nowadays because we live in a modern era and there are so many options available out there. One of them is the FUE technique. In this technique, the individual follicular graft is taken from a small donor area and then planted to the area of lost hair. In a few days hair starts growing and the problem is solved, but you have to be careful after surgery in order to protect the graft and avoid damage to the follicles. The other technique available to achieve the fullness of hair is the FUT technique. In this technique, after removing or taking hair from back of head, donor area is sutured. This strip is dissected into tiny slivers and ultimately separation of grafts under microscopes. These grafts are implanted to the hair loss area. Both techniques have some pros and cons.

FUE technique is for a person who has less hair fall and surgery is not needed while the FUT technique is for those who have massive hair loss and want the fullness of hair. Both are used in Female hair transplant procedures according to need and condition. A hair restoration surgery must be done by an expert if you are serious about that and want to get results. It is costly and you must have knowledge about how it works and post-treatment care in order to achieve the goal. It takes a year to get hair back so have patience and wait for the final result.

Female hair transplant in Pakistan for beauty purposes is trending nowadays because most females have a broad forehead and their hairline is so back which affects their overall personality and face of shape. So get your hair regrowth procedure done, first of all, consult a doctor or cosmetologist either you should get your transplant done or not, and if yes from where it should be done? Note down all the essentials and then go a head confidently.