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FUE clinic in Pakistan is offering a latest hair transplant procedure and one may take advantage of this innovative surgical hair restoration method.?FUE procedure provide impressive and natural result. FUE? technique results are much better from traditional punch graft or strip surgery. FUE technique does not have any scarring as in the strip surgery or you may say minimal scarring as compared to classic? technique.?Donor area for harvesting by FUE method is from back and sides of the scalp and donor area would be wider as compared to strip or FUT surgery. Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT ?method leave wide scar on the strip area while this revolutionary method does not have scar formation on the donor area. You can have short or long hair style after FUE? procedure.?Follicular unit extraction has number of advantages and patients can get advantage of this modern technique. FUE procedure is suitable for those patients who do not have sufficient donor area as strip leaves scar while FUE does not leave any scar on that scanty donor area. Some patients have tight scalp and in strip surgery, surgeon cannot take wider strip and in such cases FUE is ideal technique so patients with tight scalp can benefit from this procedure. Short hair cut and style is only possible after FUE procedure. Healing time is very short in this procedure and you are back to work in few hours.

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Are you candidate for FUE ?

Surgeon check the suitability whether you are potential candidate for? surgery or not. Doctor examine the donor area density and elasticity and then explain how much bald area can be restored effectively. You can take advantage of this innovative technology but it is duty of your ?physician to tell you what can be done from your available donor area.

What is FUE procedure?

Grafts are removed or extracted through tiny punches from the donor area and these grafts contain 1-3 hair depending upon the size of the punch. There is variety of tiny punches starting from 0.8mm to 1.00 mm for graft extraction. These extracted grafts are then implanted directly into the bald or recipient area. There are scars on the donor area but their size is so small that these are hardly visible after few hours.The older ?techniques are becoming obsolete and FUE technique has replaced. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure and purpose is to restore the self esteem and confidence by this cosmetic surgery procedure.

How many hairs can I get by FUE method?

You can get more than 5000 follicles by this procedure. The procedure is successful and result is cosmetically superior. One single session consists of two days procedure. After few months your follicles will grow naturally and hair growth will be same like other natural hairs.?Cost of the procedure is little high due to tedious and microscopic work. The cost varies from doctor to doctor as expertise and skill vary from one clinic to other clinic. Where there is mastery, artistry and skill, surely the price of the procedure would be high. However you can solve your problem ?permanently. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 1000 to 2000 euro.

FUE hair transplant in Pakistan can restore your young look and natural hairline. This procedure is not expensive now as it used to be in the past. You can get more information regarding baldness treatment by calling us or visiting our Fue clinic in Pakistan.?Depending upon the type of male or female pattern baldness Problem that one is having, there are various procedures that are being adopted. Medical Hair restoration ? This is the most widely used method that gives a very close to the natural output. In this technique hairs are very carefully extracted from a donor scalp and the bundles of these minute grafts are populated densely on the patient?s scalp in a perfect angle. These begin rooting into the recipient?s scalp and once the roots get strong then follicle begins to grow up making it look the most natural. FUE procedure, after examining the patient?s scalp, if found suitable, small individual Follicles would be removed from the densely populated areas. Then each one would be transplanted individually on the balding area. Women Hair Loss – The Hair Loss in Women occurs due to various reasons especially of hormonal imbalance, thyroid and low iron level leading to Female Pattern Baldness. Yet another specific reason is the post facial plastic surgery that can lead to distorted hair growth. Though it is quite a challenging situation which calls for high expertise in the area, but still it is curable using the special Female Hair surgery procedures. This is taken up by very limited doctors due to its tricky situation. But the same has been successfully conducted by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry on many female patients who are a contented a lot today. Common searches:- best fue hair transplant clinic in Pakistan best fue hair transplant surgeon best fue hair transplant surgeon in the world fue results ,cost ,before and after results in Pakistan.

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