Donor Area Healing

Donor area healing after Fue hair transplant

Almost every patient is curious about the healing time of donor area within which they could be back in their routine lives, without having being disclosed in public that they have undergone with hair transplant procedure. Your curiosity will come to an end. Yes, today you will come across the estimated time frame within which all your donor site will be healed.The healing of donor area is a matter of the specific circumstances that the each individual patient will be gone through. It simply means that the healing time of every patient will be varied from that of others. However, there are various components of donor area which will be healed at different period of time, or say that collectively, they are responsible for the quicker healing process of the donor site. These components are discussed below:

  • ¬†There are several numbers of hair follicular units to be harvested in a single transplantation process depending upon the need for follicles at the recipient site. The larger the number, the more time they will be consumed to heal up.
  • Crusting or scab formation usually known as a dry skin layer, needs a bit longer time to heal. In general, it takes 10 to 12 days to be gone. These can be removed by gently massaging the scalp.
  • It is commonly observed in every second patient that the redness will be fade away by the end of a month or two. Since the tiny patches will require to heal ¬†gradually.
  • It will be numb within seven to ten days after the procedure. However, it, mainly, depends on the size of the procedure. The smaller the process, the numbness will recover in few days.
  • Thickness of hair and skin tone. Some of the transplantation dotting in the donor site might be seen under the bright light. However, the thickness, skin tone and punch size plays a significant role of sweeping under the rig the effects of transplantation on the donor site


Fue donor area healing after 2 weeks
Fue donor area healing and recovery after 2 weeks

Fue healing Process:-

Collagen will require around six weeks to be set down in the donor area. They are supposed to be pinkish you might also experience inflammation which will be weakened by using moisturizer over the scalps.There would be no swelling, scars or any scabs on the donor side provided you begin to wash off your scalps regularly. The use of moisturizer and several healing products is recommended. The point to be noted here is that you should consult your physician first, prior to apply any of such products over the scalps.

Donor area care after Fue hair transplant

Some patients may experience a faster healing process than others. Postoperative care and a balanced diet will prove to be effective in healing process of donor site. However, the role of age, skin tone, hair color, and race may not be neglected in concern with the healing time of donor site. At the end, hair transplantation will be healed. Do not bother yourself by stressing out what people will judge when you get to the work back. The new hair will take a slightly long period to grow on the donor area. But you have to be patience and pursue an optimistic approach rather of pessimist.