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Fue treatment for hair transplant has become very popular in Lahore Pakistan over the past few years. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best Fue specialists in Pakistan.Fue treatments have become very popular in Pakistan over the past few years. The reason is being its cost effectiveness and less pain. Fue is recommended by many doctors these days. As compared to stem cell transplants and laser transplants, that have their own side effects, Fue is popular these days.If you are an ideal patient for Fue or not, your doctor can best determine that. Fue also needs a specific kind of hair density and graft calculation. At times there are patients with low donor area hair and hence not ideal patients for Fue. Fue procedure is more expensive as compared to strip incision. General strip incision leaves a big scar on scalp of patient that is visible to many people. Everyone is going to ask you after a strip procedure if you ever went for a hair surgery. That is not the case with Fue surgery. Any change in your scalp is hardly visible to your friends. There are tiny multiple scars on head that get healed in a few days. Some post operative and pre operative care has to be taken while going for a Fue treatment.

Fue hair transplant by Dr.Ahmad
Male pattern baldness

Fue is also known as the first ever undetectable hair transplant technique. Some husbands do not want their wives to know that they went for a hair transplant. Number of Fue patients is increasing just because of this reason. Some people like to hide it from their spouses that they went for a surgery.? Having a strip procedure can never be a secret. Everyone is going to ask you about your head scar. You need to shave off head completely before a Fue with that can be hidden with a cap too.

Frontal hair transplant Pakistan
Frontal hairline design

Some very skilled and specialized doctors can make Fue possible without even shaving your head. So now it?s clear what has made Fue a popular procedure in Pakistan. Unshaven Fue procedu

Mega session of FUE hair transplant in Pakistan
2340 follicles implantation in single session by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

res are also becoming popular all over the world. Fue is a common and popular in Pakistan now. National Hospital Lahore offers Fue at reasonable cost under the skill of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Most of the famous celebrities are also going for Fue treatment since they can hide it from public that they underwent a surgical procedure. An average Fue surgery takes almost eight hours and number of hair implanted with Fue is almost up to five thousand. Fue isn’t limited to men of old age but also becoming popular among teen agers to prevent further hair loss and baldness. Whether you need another surgical procedure or not, depends on the hair re-growth of patients? hair. Hair usually takes a year to re-grow. At times Fue treatment is also used to fix a badly performed hair transplant. Some patients are not satisfied with their old transplant and hair line. Fue can adjust mal positioned hair line too.