Fue hair transplant Bahrain Patient

Fue hair transplant Bahrain Patient Photos

Hair transplant in Bahrain is offered at some hair restoration clinics but their price is very high and an ordinary person can not afford so people searched on internet to find best clinics and doctors. Mr. YSR search reviews, compared cost as well as qualification of surgeon and decided to get follicular unit extraction procedure at our clinic. Mr. YSR Fue procedure was performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and 3163 grafts were extracted in a single mega session.

Fue hair transplant in Bahrain

It is most popular procedure to treat hair loss and baldness in Bahrain due to quick recovery and less painful. However male pattern is classified into different stages and those who have advance level of baldness , require more grafts and this procedure can not be afforded in Bahrain. Definitely people in Bahrain would like to improve their look and appearance and for this they search for best clinic and surgeon around the word.

Hair transplant clinics in Bahrain

Hair restoration clinics in Bahrain are offering male and female pattern baldness and there are few clinics. However mostly people travel abroad for cheap and affordable hair loss treatments.

Hair Transplant cost in Bahrain

Hair loss treatments in Bahrain will cost you high and one mega session of hair restoration by Fue method would be 8000 to 12000 Bahraini Dinar. This same procedure one can get at our clinic 50-70% in less price.

Fue hair restoration results Bahrain Patient

Mr.YSR has advance level of baldness called Norwood class 6 and two procedures were suggested to him. First procedure was performed for frontal half area by 3163 grafts.

Hair transplant in Bahrain

The above photo is showing typical advance level of male pattern baldness and require 6200 grafts to cover all baldness. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry suggested him two procedures keeping in mind his donor area and second procedure will be performed one year later in the crown area.

Fue hair transplant in Bahrain


Fue hair transplant results Bahrain