Fue Hair Transplant Bahria Town patient Photos

Hair Transplant Photos Bahria Town Patient

Hair loss and baldness treatment is possible through hair restoration surgery. Mr. IMR. has Norwood class 3 male pattern baldness and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed Fue hair transplant in Lahore at his Cosmoderma clinic on 14 Jan 2017.  Norwood class 3 requires 3000 grafts to give good density and impressive look.

Fue results lahore

Hair Transplant Bahria Town

What causes male pattern baldness

There are many causes for baldness. However mostly men suffered male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia. It is genetic in origin and its genes may transfer from mother or father side or even both parents. There are many treatments to control hair fall but in majority cases ended up complete or partial baldness. The above picture shows frontal baldness and its class 3 Norwood classification.

How many Grafts Required for Class 3 male baldness ?

Normally we can multiply with 1000 to Norwood class. For example in above picture Norwood class multiplied by 1000 it would give 3000 grafts requirement.

Hair transplant marking frontal area -Cosmoderma clinic Lahore

Fue hair transplant in Bahria Town Lahore

Single hair grafts = 314

2 hairs grafts = 1582

3 hairs grafts =1283

Total Grafts = 3179   Total hairs = 7323

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