Fue hair transplant by Dr.Ahmad

Fue Treatment in Pakistan-Fue technology is the latest hair transplant technology in Pakistan. Many patients of hair fall and baldness are opting Fue hair transplants because of a painless procedure.Fue basically stands for Follicular Unit Extraction.? It is becoming a popular hair transplant technique among doctors and patients because of its benefits. However, every patient may not be suitable for a Fue transplant. Without the need of a linear incision, the grafts are then transplanted into bald hair areas of the patient.? Fue treatment is four times more expensive as compared to strip technique. Strip surgery is painful and patients are scared of it. At times the scar left after Fue surgery doesn’t go away. Cost of Fue per graft is four times more than that of the strip surgery. Both Strip and Fue have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon your hair and density, you need to check with your doctor what kind of hair transplant are you looking for. Strip surgery is more economical and more painful. Also, the donor area would require more healing time after strip surgery. One linear scar is also visible after a strip surgery.As compared to strip, Fue has more advantages. There is no scar left on the donor area of the head. Instead of one big linear scar on head, many tiny scars are produced after a Fue surgery which is even hard to detect and notice. Patients may feel shy visiting people after strip surgery but can resume their normal life activities after a Fue surgery. Patients who wish to resume their life activities quickly are ideal candidates for Fue. Fue is becoming popular in Pakistan just because of these reasons.

Donor area heals quickly as compared to donor area after a strip surgery. Little tiny scars heal quickly and go away after some time. Because of this multiple scar tissue and less pain, Fue has become popular in Pakistan. National Hospital Lahore offers Fue hair transplant under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. His patients state that they are quite comfortable after a Fue session and satisfied with the results too. Also, after Fue transplant, any changes are hardly visible to people or to people you meet. After a strip procedure, it is visible to many people that you have undergone a hair transplant.

It is also ideal for people who wish to hide from their friends and public that they have undergone a hair transplant. Fue is also known as individual unit extraction. Before going for any procedure, whether Fue or strip incision, you need to make sure that your hair surgeon guides you well. National Hospital Lahore offers both Fue and strip surgeries at reasonable cost. Graft sessions are transplanted individually. Instead of a single grafting, grafts are planted one by one. The technique has become very popular in Pakistan too. People who wish to hide their cosmetic surgery procedures are usually ideal candidates for Fue procedure. However, a complete appointment with your doctor is recommended before starting any kind of surgery.