Fue hair transplant Pretoria Photos

Fue Hair transplant Pretoria Patient Photos

Hair transplant in Pretoria -South Africa is performed by FUT or strip method. Some clinics have stared Fue procedure. Though there are many hair loss patients in Pretoria and they consult many online clinics and travel abroad for their hair restoration procedures. Mr. N.I. came to our clinic for Fue hair transplant procedure where he got 4408 grafts for his frontal as well as crown area. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry extracted follicular units from his scalp donor area with 0.9 mm punch so that he will not have any rounded scars in his donor area. This punch size is also called micro punch to lessen trauma and shock loss after the procedure.

Fue hair transplant in Pretoria South Africa

Hair Transplant Clinics in Pretoria

Hair transplant clinics in Pretoria are offering various hair loss treatments and hair restoration procedures as well. As there are less doctors and clinics trained in this field so majority travel abroad for their procedures.

Hair Restoration Doctors in Pretoria

If you search on internet there are four to five hair restoration doctors in Pretoria but they have displayed very few before , during and after photos . If you look closely these photos, most of them covered with their long hair so that we cannot see density and thickness of these transplanted hair.

Fue hair transplant cost in Pretoria

When we compare Fue hair transplant cost in Pretoria with Cosmoderma clinic then prices in South Africa are four times higher. It is a major reason people travel to our clinic for affordable and budget hair restoration procedure. We have proven record of results and more than 35 Nationalities people got procedures from our clinic.