FUE Hair Transplant

Fue hair transplant  Pakistan?

Fue Hair Transplant in Pakistan?is a simple ?procedure and in recent years several new techniques have been emerged. ?FUE (follicular Unit Extraction)?is a latest technique and it takes 4 to 6 hours under local anaesthesia.?Transplanted follicles or grafts start growing, few months after the procedure. Some commercials show before and after pictures and try to convey the message as hair growth starts overnight.Hair restoration surgery is highly effective and result oriented but it needs patience, time and money as well. It is very much important to know about surgeon?s skills, qualification and experience as experienced surgeon take every ?patient very seriously and consider each and every minute detail in mind. It is your right to ask the surgeon to speak his previous patients and if possible meet them and see the result from every aspect. If your surgeon is experience and well trained he will provide you lot of references and in case of unsatisfactory reply, you are free to search another experienced surgeon.

After careful screening and thorough research about specialist, discuss with him your general health and any pre- existing illness or previous hospitalization. It is pertinent to mention regarding allergy from any drug. Your valuable information will alert the ?surgeon to cope with any possible reaction or complication during?FUE hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore. Whatever medication you are taking please do inform to the hair doctor or hair physician even you are taking over the counter vitamin supplements.?The side effects of the procedure are same as in any invasive procedure. However complications rate is very minor as compared to other surgeries. However to be extra careful antibiotics and analgesics are recommended for few days post-operative.

If you have any doubt in mind, please speak clearly to your physician and follow the instructions clearly.One may face minor complication post ?Operative like mild swelling, bruising, scarring and mild pain. There could be tightening effect and numbness on the scalp for few days. Few days later when healing takes its course, there might be scabs formation and these scabs ?fall between 10-15 days later. There are certain restrictions after the procedure, limitation in the physical activities and avoidance of heavy exercise for 10 days.Transplanted hair shedding start between 2-3 weeks after hair restoration procedure. This ?shedding or falling of hair is normal after surgery.Few months later growth is visible and every one can see full result after 11 months. We offer Fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan. Common searches:- hair transplant surgery Pakistan fue hair transplant in Pakistan best fue clinic results in Pakistan.

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