Fue Vs FUT Hair Transplant

Fue Vs FUT Hair Transplant ?comparison?

Conventional hair transplant or strip removal can give you donor area scar like below picture so if you want to avoid such scars then say NO to FUT (Strip) surgery.

Strip surgery Scar
Strip (FUT) hair transplant procedure gives scar like this
Donor area scar
Case Number =2 Another donor area scar by Strip procedure




Fue donor area growth
7 Days after FUE -Scar Free procedure. No Scar in the donor area and hair regrowth started

Photo taken on 15 Dec 2012 -7th Post Op day Fue procedure

Above picture is on 7th day from Fue procedure. This patient has one strip procedure from some other clinic ?and we performed Fue hair transplant in Pakistan on 08 Dec 2012. The Fue procedure was performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and 2195 follicles were transplanted in single session. The procedure took 5 hours.

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