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Our clinic is offering best deals in FUT follicular unit transplantation procedure.?Follicular Unit hair Transplant method is considered to be the most valuable method . This method uses the most modern and up to the minute technology and result is a completely different and natural look. FUT hair transplantation is a technique where the donor strip is removed from the back of the head and then transplanted to the recipient areas of the scalp. Follicular units contain nerves, sebaceous glands and vellus hairs. These units allow the doctor to transplant thousands of grafts in a single session safely. Before starting the transplant, doctors ask you following questions:

  • Are you in good health?
  • Do you have any bleeding disorders?
  • What is your age?
  • Root cause of hair loss


The process can be divided into four parts

1. Harvesting of donor site

2. Preparation of grafts

3. Formation of recipient sites

4. Placement of grafts

What are follicular units

Scalp hair grows in little groups of 1-4 hairs each. These groups are known as “follicular units.”

How the method starts?

FUT method begins with designing your hairline. Surgeon sketches the placement of the hairline.The donor area is prepared next. A narrow strip of hair is trimmed from the back side of the head. The donor tissue is eliminated in one piece to avoid damage; this method is known as single strip harvesting. This part is the important one of the FUT transplantation and differs from the mini-micro grafting method in which multi-bladed knife is being used to break follicular units. FUT receives follicular units through strip elimination (stereo- microscopic dissection and single strip harvesting) .After removing the strip, the skin from above and below is stitched. Your hair covers these stitches disappears within ten days.

Stereo Microscopic Dissection:

Another important step of Follicular Unit Transplantation is Stereo Microscopic Dissection. This dissection allows follicular units to be detached from the donor strip without being damaged. During the dissection, keep the whole unit together to maximize its growth.? To maintain the viability of grafts, they can be kept in the holding solutions during the transplantation process. In the next part, all the follicular units are removed from the donor tissue with the help of a microscope. The doctor creates the sites where these grafts will be placed next. The follicular unit transplantation uses small recipient sites by removing all the unwanted hair bearing skin under the microscope. These tiny holes are called recipient sites, Follicular unit grafts are placed there then. The grafts can be put into small and tiny needle-sized sites in the recipient area.


The treatment is pain free due to use of local anesthesia. It starts with medical shampoo and after that, surgeons stun the patient’s mind. After the removal of the strip, is a pause. The team and surgeon cut that narrow strip into small grafts while you can relax and can go out to eat some lunch or breakfast. After injecting you a local anesthetic, doctor uses slit technique to the scalp after the transplantation of grafts. The treatment also ends with a medicated shampoo and the duration of the treatment is four to five hours.Reducing the scar is a critical part of a successful hair transplant method. So find a good clinic and best surgeon to have a good transplantation. You can resume your activities in two or three days. To get an appointment for FUT hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan call us 0333-430-99 99

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