Hair growth with fue pakistan

Fue treatment for hair growth is becoming very popular in Pakistan. The reason is a less painful procedure and Fue procedure being kept a secret, has made it a popular surgical procedure in Pakistan.Fue treatment is being used in Pakistan to grow ?hair. Both men and women are conscious about hair fall . Fue performed one by one follicle. Instead of a strip incision, there are multiple grafts in Fue. Usually the number of hair transplanted and grown with Fue is about five thousand. The new hair re-growing takes about three months to grow completely after a Fue. Fue is ideal for people who require smaller sessions or prefer to adopt a short hair style. A long term dream of no prominent scarring, that was a major side effect of FUT, has become achievable now. Mini and micro grafting was possible in 1950s with FUT methods. The main disadvantage of FUT was single linear scar on donor area which patients did not like and wished to hide from people.

The disadvantage linked with FUT has made Fue more popular among doctors and patients. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best Fue specialists in Pakistan. The resulting scar in Fue is a tiny one and hardly visible to anyone. If a Fue method would be successful or not, purely depends on the skill level and technique of the surgeon. A positive FOX test is needed to qualify for a Fue treatment. Sharp and blunt punches are also required by the surgeon in Fue. Now coming to a FOX test, Fue becomes easier. A FOX test determines if the patient is suitable for a Fue session or not. The surgeon takes out about hundred grafts from donor area of the patient and then evaluates how many units are extracted. If extraction is easy and complete, then the patient is an ideal one for Fue. Else, a normal strip session is performed.

Hair growth with fue Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry?

Fue is suitable for patients who wish to adopt a short and fine hair style to hide one linear scar. Fue is also suitable for patients who have a very tight scalp, meaning an insufficient laxity for a strip session. It is also ideal for patients who wish to heal their head scars quickly and also wish to hide it from their friends. Fue becomes impossible if a patient has inefficient supply of donor. Women are usually not ideal candidates for Fue since they keep their hair long. Local anesthesia is used in Fue procedure and head hair is made short. Grafts are extracted with mini and micro punches. Automated Fue techniques are also becoming popular in Pakistan. It provides a faster extraction rate for the doctor. One of the advantages of Fue is minimal post operative recovery and healing time. It requires lot of skill and technique, so Fue sessions are more costly as compared to normal strip procedures. Number of Fue patients has risen in the last few years.