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Hair loss causes are important to diagnose, prevent further hair fall and treatment of patients in Pakistan or elsewhere. There are many causes that are responsible in men and women. It is necessary to identify these causes and get a treatment.?Hair loss is the condition of hair thinning and hair fall that can lead to baldness in both men and women. Hair loss can be caused by genetics, stress, depression, medicines, and hormone regulating medicines, age, injury, poor diet and other health factors. It is necessary to determine the causes of hair fall to get a treatment. Dermatologists can help in finding out these causes in their patients. You should visit our hair loss treatment clinic in Lahore ?when you notice hair thinning or frequent hair fall. Once the cause is identified, you can opt for surgical or nonsurgical solution of hair restoration and to get rid of this cosmetic issue.?The most common causes are genetic and inherited. Male pattern baldness and female pattern loss are two of these causes. Androgenic?alopecia?or male pattern baldness is responsible for frequent hair fall and baldness in ninety five percent of men suffering from hair loss in the world. There are four out of seven chances in every man that he can get baldness. DHT hormones initiate such processes that can destroy hair follicles. When these follicles are damaged permanently, hair growth is retarded on the scalp. Female pattern baldness is not the main and common source of hairless in women. It is important to get expert opinion regarding hair loss causes, prevention and treatment from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic in Lahore.

Male patern baldness
Male patern baldness Norwood Class 2

Besides these genetic causes, many others are there that trigger hair shedding. It has been proved from some research that poor food intake is also the cause. Those deficient in biotin, zinc, protein, vitamins and minerals suffered from hair loss than others. It is also found out that junk food enriched with vitamin A and fat is also responsible for hair fall. This cause can be eliminated easily by taking a balance diet. Psychological causes such as stress and depression also makes hair fall. They inhibit the blood supply to capillaries; restrain the oxygen and leads to the poor circulation of blood in the hair follicles. It is temporary and stops after a few months of the stressful event.?Intake of several medicines including those to maintain blood pressures, heart problems, cholesterol and diabetes are also its cause . In women, contraceptive pills, hormone regulating therapies and acne medicines cause hair fall. Childbirth is the main cause of hair fall in many women around the world. But when the baby is born, hair falling is prohibited by the body. This is due to imbalance of estrogen levels during pregnancy.

Some scalp infections can also cause hair loss especially in children. These include fungus and ringworm infections. Treating these infections can prevent further hair fall.?Alopecia?areata?is another temporary cause which makes hairs to fall because hair follicles are attacked by body immune system. Hairs start losing in form of patches from the different areas of the scalp. Injuries on head or scalp can also damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Cancer treatments such as lasers and chemo therapies also cause hair loss in the patients. Hair starts re growing once the treatment is over. To know about your hair loss causes visit us for free evaluation. Our clinic will diagnose cause of hair fall in your particular case and suggest you hair loss treatment & remedy in Lahore (Pakistan)