Hair Loss Treatment Pakistan

Hair loss treatment in Lahore Pakistan is offered for male and female patients. FUE technique is a best hair loss solution. Medical hair regrowth¬† This is the most widely used method that gives a very close to the natural output. In this technique hairs are very carefully extracted from a donor scalp and the bundles of these minute grafts are populated densely on the patient’s scalp in a perfect angle. These begin rooting into the recipient’s scalp and once the roots get strong these hair begins to grow up making it look the most natural. FUE Hair Transplant:- In this procedure, after examining the patient’s scalp, if found suitable, small individual Follicles would be removed from the densely populated areas and then each one would be transplanted individually on the balding area.

hair loss and hair transplant Pakistan
Hair loss treatment Lahore in Pakistan

Women Hair Loss – The Hair Loss in Women occurs due to various reasons especially of hormonal imbalance, thyroid and low iron level leading to Female Pattern Baldness. Yet another specific reason is the post facial plastic surgery that can lead to distorted hair growth. Though it is quite a challenging situation which calls for high expertise in the area, but still it is curable using the special Female Hair loss treatment procedures. This is taken up by very limited doctors due to its tricky situation. But the same has been successfully conducted by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry on many female patients who are a contented a lot today. To get an appointment for hair loss treatment in Lahore, call us +92-333-430-99 99


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