Hair Restoration Options

Males, female and kids; everyone loses hair. Normally, you lose 100 hairs daily, but if you are noticing thinning or baldness, then it could be due to hair loss. Baldness can refer to general hair loss or female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness particularly.Alopecia areata is the regular cause of baldness in males and females. This hair loss is at times temporary and sometimes permanent.?There are many reasons of alopecia (hair loss) like stress, pregnancy, medications, cancer and some other diseases.?Medicines or drugs used to cure heart problems, depressions, high blood pressure, and cancer, high levels of vitamin A or low level of proteins in your body can cause hair loss.For females, pregnancy may cause temporary hair loss because of the changes takes place in the body after giving birth to the child.Alternatively, baldness can be caused by alopecia areata; its severe form is alopecia totalis (complete loss of hair from the head), and the other form is alopecia universalis (loss of hair from the head and the whole body)


Many treatments are known as the restoration of hair. However, before going through any surgery or any other treatment, know the root cause of your hair loss and for this, ask your doctor.?Minoxidil and Propecia are approved by FDA to treat baldness.


It is the only approved pill who treats pattern baldness. People going through hair loss, takes it daily.?This pill prevents testosterone to convert in dihydrotestosterone. DHT is the cause for the shrinking of hair strands. So when we block its production, hair follicles recover their normal size again.?The pill increases the growth of hair and is very effective.However, this tablet has side effects too.


Minoxidil is accessible as a lotion and applied on your bald scalp by rubbing it. The medication contains 5% minoxidil is more efficient. Use it for several months and you?ll see the results otherwise; the balding procedure will resume. It has side effects too such as itchiness or pimples in that part where it is applied.?For females, Minoxidil is the only medicine accessible to treat the baldness.

Corticosteroid injections to treat alopecia areata:

They are the drugs having steroids. Steroids fight against alopecia areata and prevent the immune system to attack hair strands. They are the most helpful for curing small patches. Corticosteriod injections accelerate hair growth and are repeated after every four weeks. Side effects include thinning of skin.

Corticosteroids (topical)

Creams and ointments (Topical corticosteroids) are widely used for the treatment of alopecia areata. They are accessible in the shape of foam gel or lotion. Tablets are not recommended though.


If you have lost your hair completely, and you don?t have any other options left, then try the hair transplant.

The successful surgery always depends upon an excellent, skillful surgeon so find a valid surgeon first. Different kinds of surgeries are below:

Hair transplant

The solution to permanent alopecia in males and females is hair transplantation. It is done by taking narrow strip that contains hair follicles from the donor area and harvesting it in the bald place. Grafts or strips differ in size and shape such as slit grafts, round grafts, square grafts, micro and mini grafts. Two types of transplant are common I-e FUT transplant and FUE transplant.

Scalp reduction:

Scalp reduction is also an option, but it?s an old method and very risky too.

Artificial hair Implantation:

It is for the treatment of male pattern baldness. Surgeons implant synthetic fiber into the scalp under some general anesthetic. However, it is not recommended by the doctors. To know more about hair restoration options in your particular baldness ,call or write us.

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