FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan Frequently Asked Questions

What is cost of hair transplant surgery in Pakistan?

The cost of hair restoration surgery depends upon number of grafts or follicles,area of baldness or hair loss, disposable instruments cost, theater charges, laboratory charges,technicians, nurses and doctor ( Surgeon) fee. However average cost of the procedure in Pakistan is between 1000-2000$. This cost of the procedure is with good quality surgical method.There are certain hair clinics in Lahore, Islamabad,Peshawar,Karachi which offer cheap hair treatments in Pakistan but there results are not up to mark and such sort of transplantations are called bad hair surgeries. What is follicle or graft in hair ?surgery? Follicle or graft is a basic unit of which contains hair, sebaceous gland, muscles and collagen bundles. Just to understand it is called ?root?.

I have hair falling and my age is 25 years, can I have hair transplant surgery?

It is not recommended to have hair surgery when hairs are shedding. Hair will continue to fall even after procedure; you will need another hair transplant in near future. It is better to have hair loss treatments instead of choosing hair transplant surgery.

When should I have hair surgery?

Hair surgery should have when hair fall is over and mature baldness would be visible. If you are 22 years old and baldness is mature, we can proceed for ?surgery.

What is mature baldness?

It means when there is no more hair fall and hair loss is completed. Male pattern baldness is established.

What treatments would help me to prevent my hair fall?

Hair fall is continuous process through out your life. However if hair fall is more than 100 hairs and these falling hair are not replaced by new growing hairs, bald patches become more visible. When hair fall is more than usual, one should think about hair loss treatments and solution. This is proper time to consult your hair transplant specialist or hair doctor

What hair loss treatments options are there?

There are hundreds of hair care products in the market but FDA has approved only Minoxidil and Finestride (Genesis, Propecia, Hairfin).