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Hair transplant in Peshawar

Fue hair transplant in Peshawar is less commonly performed procedure due to lack of expertise and experience. Many hair loss patients travel to our clinic for best hair restoration results and get their treatment through Follicular unit extraction method. Our hair restoration surgeon is an expert in FUE procedure and extracts maximum number of grafts in single session.

Hair transplant in Peshawar

Why Fue hair transplant preferred Method -Cosmoderma clinic

We prefer Fue hair transplant technique at Cosmoderma clinic due to less pain or discomfort. Anybody who thinks about hair loss treatment or hair restoration surgery always considers level of discomfort and pain. Due to this fear and anxiety we use stitches free and no more linear incision. Secondly there is numbness for many months after strip surgery while Fue did not give long term basis numbness. Thirdly more grafts can be extracted or harvested through follicular unit extraction technique. Fourthly beard and body hair can be extracted and transplant to scalp or head through Fue technique.

Fue hair transplant in Peshawar

Fue hair transplant clinics in Peshawar

There are few hair restoration clinics in Peshawar but most of these clinics did not produce quality results through Fue technique and patients are not satisfied from their services and select Cosmoderma clinic for follicular unit extraction method. These hair transplant clinics in Peshawar produce substandard results with following faults.

  • There is too much gap in transplanted hair
  • These clinics use bigger size of punches which result thinning in donor area and rounded scars visibility.
  • Mostly these clinics will suggest you strip surgery method and reluctant to perform Fue method due to lack of expertise and experience.
  • Try to avoid such clinics which convince you for strip surgery and inform you Fue method is not good. If you search in Western countries almost every clinic is doing Fue hair restoration technique.
  • If you are looking for best Fue hair transplant clinic then you should opt for Cosmoderma clinic.

Hair transplant clinic Peshawar