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Hair transplant surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performs this emerging treatment of hair restoration these days in Pakistan. Like all other medical fields, experts are also required for the transplant treatment. Hair doctors have qualification in cosmetic surgery, but particularly in transplantation. It is the hair restoration surgery that involved technical procedure of removing follicular units from the dense region of the scalp and transplanting them to recipient area . This surgery is needed to be performed by a specialized doctor. The doctor who performed hair restoration surgery on patients is known as hair surgeon. He or she is different from general physician or doctors because they have got their specialization degree in transplantation. If patients want a high quality and desired result, it is important for them to consult a specialized doctor for their treatment.?It is necessary for doctor that he should have a relevant degree of cosmetic surgery with specialization in hair surgery. He should have years of experiences in transplantation surgery. A very few transplant surgeons are found in the whole world because it requires much time in studying and getting expertise in transplantation. Surgeons who are experienced and skilled usually charge many fees. Inexpert and unskilled surgeons charge fewer fees. Surgeons working for a reputed and renowned transplant clinic or hospitals also charge a lot of money on treatment. You have to go for transplant once in your life, it is better to go for such surgeon that is skilled and expert in surgery. An efficient and experienced surgeon will help in minimizing the possible side-effects. Such surgeons that charge less money usually lead to transplant failure of grafts falling after the treatment. Paying more money once in your life can give you healthy dense hair permanently.

It is important to find such hair transplant in Pakistan or abroad that can provide you reference of his previous patients and works. You can request your doctor to show you pre and post surgical photos of his previously treated patients. These photos are also available on the website of the doctor. You should go through these photos because they help you in giving a glimpse of his work. You can see the results of the patients who are affecting from the same problem as yours. It is best to meet those patients in real and ask them about their satisfaction level they achieved after their treatment. These patients are the most authentic source of evaluating the surgeon. You can get the list of patients along with their contact numbers on website or request the doctor.

Results of transplant surgery depend upon the skills and abilities of the surgeon. You need to find an able surgeon with the help of internet or from the various online transplant forums. You can meet many people on these forums that can help you in guiding about the best transplant doctor of the city. Initial consultation is provided by every surgeon free of any cost. It is best to meet the doctor and evaluate him yourself after the session. Ask the relevant questions and confusions from the doctor. If you are not satisfied, you can go for another one. Your doctor can suggest you best treatment according to your requirements and severity of baldness. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan with lot of references and successfully performed procedure of FUT and FUE-follicular unit extraction.

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