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Hair transplant in Toronto is performed by many doctors and clinics. Advance level of baldness treatment is a challenge for doctors and clinics in Canada and many patients travel to our clinic for affordable cost. Norwood class 6 needs more than 6000 grafts and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performs fue procedure to cover front, mid scalp and crown area in single session.

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Many hair restoration clinics in Toronto are offering FUT as well as FUE procedure to treat male pattern baldness. Some of these clinics are best hair restoration clinics in Canada but these clinics and doctors charge extra ordinary high prices.

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To perform a hair restoration surgery in Canada needs valid medical license. After getting medical and surgical license in Canada doctors can perform surgical procedures. To get a medical license in Canada or abroad one has to study 4 or 5 years in medical school and then specialist training in hair restoration field. Hair restoration surgeon who has more than 10 to 15 years would definitely perform a more artistic and natural result oriented procedure than novice. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 18 years and performed thousands of successful cases to treat advance level of baldness at his Cosmoderma clinic in Lahore –Pakistan. He had his specialization from France and Board certified hair restoration surgeon. Currently he is a visiting Associate Professor at Claude Bernard University in Lyon 1 France.

Hair transplant Toronto Cost

It is a concern of every hair loss patient before undergoing procedure:- How much fue hair transplant cost per graft in Toronto?  Normally clinics and doctors charge 4 to 8.00$ per graft.  To give you an idea we can explain price structure below

Fue 1000 grafts X 4 = 4000 $ and if some doctor or clinic is charging 6.00$ then its cost would be 6000 $. As you have advance level of baldness, requirement of grafts will be increased. For example if some patient need 4000 grafts, cost will be 16000 $ to 20,000 $. You can get same level of procedure and results, need to travel abroad at our clinic where one can get mega session of fue procedure in range of 2000 $-4000$

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