How much do hair transplants cost

Hair restoration is a hair loss treatment to restore hair. It is a surgical procedure in which the hair is transplanted in a bald  area of the head by taking some donor hair from the back of  scalp. The hair transplant is a great achievement of  medical science due to which bald people get rid of wearing wings. Fue hair transplant is an advanced technique  in which individual hair follicles are taken from the donor area and implanted these  with a needle on the recipient area i.e. bald area of the head.  It is the quick and painless procedure to get rid of baldness.

Procedure of hair restoration surgery:


As we discuss above that this process of restoring hair is tricky and need to be done carefully. When you take a decision to go with hair transplant then you should know about the whole procedure completely so that you can make yourself mentally prepared for it.

  • First of all, the surgeon cleans up your scalp then, the anesthetic is injected to a patient to make the area of numb from where donor follicles will be extracted.
  • These tiny and small grafts , which contain the hair for placing to recipient site.
  • When the grafts are ready and fully prepared the surgeon numb and clean the area where hair will be placed by creating small holes with the help of the needle and place each graft one by one in each slit delicately.
  • This procedure hardly takes four to eight hours. After one session, if you still suffer from hair fall then you have to take one more session to stop hair fall permanently.

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan front area

Hair transplantation cost for 1000 to 3000 grafts:


A normal person needs 1000 to 3000 grafts for the hair restoration procedure. If we discuss about the rates for 1000 to 3000 grafts then it is different in every city or country. The rate per graft is depending on the skills and experience of the surgeon that you are going to be hired for  surgery. It is highly recommended to choose best and experienced surgeon for it. Don’t ever compromise on the quality and expertise of a surgeon in order to save your money because a little mistake and carelessness can create serious problem for you for a lifetime.  However it is most frequently asked question : how much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan? An average hair transplant cost in Pakistan  for  1000 to 3000 grafts then it would be  $1000 to $3000 approximately. This estimation is not exact, it may be cost you less or more than the estimation value.

Important factors for hair restoration cost :


If we talk about the results after spending high amount in the procedure of hair  restoration then you must be happy to hear that you will get 100% positive results if, you succeed in selecting a best surgeon for hair transplant in Pakistan or abroad. Remember, before you finalized your surgeon , take a complete inquiry about him/her. Definitely there will be many clinics performing FUT as well as FUE  in Pakistan. Some doctors and clinics have just started few months back hair loss treatments and their prices will be affordable but these clinics cannot give you best hair restoration results. There might be many technical  as well as cosmetic  mistakes. It is highly recommended to choose an experienced, highly quality doctor with proven results and success stories. It is very easy to find or search from internet by searching hair transplant results, reviews, before and after photo gallery, testimonials and satisfaction of the previously treated patients. D.Ahmad Chaudhry is a Paris trained, qualified doctor and performing follicular unit extraction procedure for the last sixteen years and many international customers visit him for quality results as well as hair transplant cost in Pakistan reasonably affordable.

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