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Why some clinics charge more than others for hair restoration in Pakistan.Hair transplant in Pakistan is getting popular as the results are undetectable as compared to other hair replacement treatments. The cost of hair transplantation in Pakistan is cheaper as compared to other countries. People from abroad prefer to come to Pakistan to get their hair transplanted.

Clinics charging differently for hair restoration

In Pakistan, there are many clinics that are charging differently for the treatment of the hair

loss. As this hair restoration procedures are not that simple and a huge amount of money is

needed to spend on it, hence it is very important to select the best clinic for this purpose.

There are different advertisements that come in the newspaper and television with tempting

offers for getting hair restoration done from them. One has to be very careful as there are a lot

of fake doctors who are actually not specialized surgeons and have just done internships. They

spend a lot of money on the publicity of their clinic with the rates a little less than the others

in order to get their attention. They may publish photographs of many artists and celebrities

who got the treatment done from them and even will show the pictures of before and after the

surgery. But never get attracted towards them without investigating because many of them are

fake and will only drag money from you.

Visiting the clinic and looking into the things is very important along with checking and

getting detailed information about the surgeon and the dermatologist who will give you the

treatment and consultancy in the future. A surgeon who specializes in this field are experts

and will definitely give you a good quality hair treatment. Such surgeon will be charging

more than the other as they will justify the money you spend by providing you with the best

treatment. The clinics that are the best in town with good reputation will charge more, there if

no harm in spending a little more to get this treatment because this surgery is done once in a

life time. The charges of the treatment also vary with the number of grafts that are to be

harvested for the hair restoration surgery and the stage of hair fall you are into.

Strip surgery is not much time consuming as the hair are transplanted with the strip making it

less expensive than FUE in which individual grafts are harvested, making this procedure time-

consuming and expensive. The clinics that offer both the procedures of FUT and FUE may

charge more than the separate ones. The doctors who are foreign qualified and are in contact

with the other members of the team, dealing with this hair transplantation have more charges

as they share their experiences and cases with the other doctors keeping in mind the patient?s


The clinics where all the latest techniques and instruments are used for hair restoration

surgery will definitely be charging more. It is very important to check your budget before

going for hair transplantation, because if you have handed over yourself to someone just

because of the minimum charges without investigating about the surgeon, than you have

wasted your money and have put your health on risk.

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