Realistic Expectation Regarding FUE Hair Transplant Results

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a very popular and much in practice hair transplant method in which an instrument is used to pull out individual follicular units which are then harvested in the bald area of scalp. FUE hair transplant in Pakistan is a recommended method by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for all people who are worried about their baldness.

It is an advanced and modern technique of hair restoration in which the surgeon uses a person’s own hair grafts to cure his baldness. If we talk about the results of FUE hair transplant they are satisfactory and this is the reason that a large number of people prefer it over FUT hair restoration method. According to the studies and results maximum patients who undergo this surgery are happy and contended with its results. Though output is not seen so early after the session but lately the results are almost as expected.

Both donor and the recipient area have redness and swelling few days after the procedure. Patient is much likely to have mild pain and irritation on the scalp. This can last for a month and any touching or itching on the recipient area can be harmful. Due to swelling and pain patient may remain at discomfort. It is recommended to keep the head straight and do not move it unnecessary. While sleeping it is better to take more than two pillows to keep the head elevated and comfortable. To cure the pain paracetamol can be taken.

Expectation Regarding FUE Hair Transplant Results

After one to two months of hair transplant a person may feel like if the surgery was worth their time and money. The scalp after two months of surgery will be healed and recovered from redness, swelling or any other left over of the surgery but there won’t be any progress to the hair growth. It is almost the same as it was before the surgery. Some patients at this stage loose the hope for re-growth of hairs but a realistic expectation after  FUE Hair Transplant is to wait for another two months to see the scalp getting covered with new hairs.

After about three to four months of the first session of FUE hair transplant hairs start to grow. Growth rate is about ¼ inches per month for an average and healthy person. New grown hairs are expected to be thin, delicate and may be rough. But this is just a start, and the condition keeps getting better with the passage of time. This is not a miracle which can give you hairs over night. Some things are worth waiting for and FUE Hair Transplant is one of those. These thin and rough hairs will become thick and healthy. Their texture and color will also get better in few weeks (normally it takes about 6 months after the first session).

After about nine months the recipient area of the scalp will be fully covered with healthy, thick and bright hairs. Patient feels much at comfort and relaxes at this stage as the desired results are almost gained. No scars, stitches, pain, redness or swelling will be seen.

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