Temporary Hair Loss

Causes of a Temporary Hair loss

People suffer from a temporary hair loss due to various reasons like stress, dietery deficiency and high demand of calories etc. Women in pregnancy at times suffer from a kind of hair loss that comes back. ?women have a temporary hair loss because of a child birth. After and before a pregnancy, women suffer from lot of hair shedding and loss of follicles too. Transient hair loss is linked with the development of hypothyroidism. Also, because of lack of iron and oxygen in body, one starts losing hair. A lot of hair shedding occurs during pregnancy which is because of low blood levels and anemia in blood. Sometimes due to lot of blood loss in pregnancy and having postpartum sessions, women have lot of hair shedding. Often due to high estrogen levels in pregnancy and hormonal changes, women start losing hair. The change in hair cycle during pregnancy is also linked with estrogen level and hair loss. This change in hair cycle is temporary and hair gets back to its normal shape after child birth.

Stress and Fever cause Hair Loss

Extreme stress, tension, drugs and diseases like long fever and typhoid can also lead to hair loss and shedding. Especially after thyroid and other diseases like long fever and malaria, hair shedding occurs. At times, this kind of hair loss isn?t understandable by doctors and patient himself. A lot of emotional and abnormal stresses are also proved to be linked with shift of abnormally high number of follicles in head area that causes baldness. This persistence of hair loss usually is restored back after stress is gone and patient is fever free.

Hair Miniaturization Phenomenon ?

Abnormal hair shedding and hair miniaturization is a phenomenon that is not easily understood by anyone. At times due to a prolonged fever and prolonged trauma, baldness can be caused. This prolonged baldness would go away once patient is free from fever and flu. The hair shedding occurs after long weeks of fever. At times, when fever is gone but hair shedding is still there because of weakness caused by fever and lack of energy and vitamins too in the body.

Cancer Chemotherapy

At times temporary baldness occurs due to heavy exposure to radiations and cancer treatment. At times due to cancer medications like cancer drugs and chemotherapy, baldness occurs. Changes in hair cycle that are caused by long fevers and illness are temporary and they go away after some time. Usually it is recommended to have good food rich in vitamins like juices, and yogurt would restore your lost hair.?It must be kept in mind that temporary hair loss that occurs as a result of fever or sickness doesn’t need a cosmetic surgery. However, hair loss that comes as a result of drugs or chemotherapy often needs a hair transplant since food and vitamins cannot restore hair lost as a result of chemotherapy. Patches of hair sheds after a chemotherapy session that must be taken very seriously. A cosmetic hair procedure can only fulfill a hair deficiency after a bad and poor hair loss.

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